Plastic Rubber Kindergarten Flooring Bloom Pattern

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Product name: Suspended Bloom Pattern

Plastic Kindergarten Floor, Assemble Rubber Floor.

Size:  30.48cm * 30.48cm

25cm * 25cm

Thickness: 1.58cm / 1.88cm or customized

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1. Excellent sports performance: the ball rebound rate reaches 95%, and the sliding friction coefficient is 0.52 (the data comes from the data of the national sports goods quality supervision and inspection report of assembled floors);

2. Restrictions on use: all-weather, no climatic and geographical restrictions, indoor and outdoor suspension floor assembly can be used;
3. High cost performance: Suspended assembled sports floors have the highest cost performance among similar products. The investment of this product is low (basic re-basing is not necessary), low maintenance cost and high grade (more than 50 NBA superstars private training venues use this kind of The floor of the product is laid by Jordan alone, and 6 such venues are laid by one person). Initial construction cost + zero maintenance cost (just rinse with clean water, without any negative effects), service life up to 10 years, without fading and deformation. The paint for the site marking shall use the special paint of polypropylene surface layer, which shall not fall off;
4. It has good mobility and can be disassembled and assembled many times to meet the requirements of hosting large-scale high-end games;
5. Polypropylene material can be recycled and reused, and can produce articles such as plastic basins and plastic barrels.

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