Quality Control

QC team check the Quality and Specification

An independent department is responsible for checking the safety and quality of all newly developed products as well as those that are mass-produced for buyers.
Quality control personnel who are all experts in their respective product assignments check the quality at every stage of production, from the incoming raw materials to the finished product.

(1) 100% waterproof, applicable to any indoor area except outdoor.
(2) high environmental protection, 0 formaldehyde, food grade;
(3) fire grade B1 grade, the highest floor level standard, suitable for high requirements of fire protection.
(4) high strength wear resistance;
(5) waterproof anti-skid, mothproof antiseptic;
(6) comfortable, good sound absorption effect;
(7) easy to install and easy to maintain;
(8) the real texture of wood can be reacted, and the different colors can be adjusted according to the needs.

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