Basketball Court Suspended PP Flooring

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Product name: Matts Pattern

Basketball Court Interlocking Flooring, PP Material.

Thickness: 15.8mm, 18.8mm or customized.

Size: 25cm * 25cm

30.48cm * 30.48cm

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The suspension design cleverly solves the problem of vertical buffering for sports floors. 907 dense support points are evenly distributed under the whole floor according to a certain rule. The third-degree arch connection structure forms the most engineering mechanics. The excellent load-bearing structure instantly transmits the local huge impact to the 907 dense support points, forming an elastic matrix to mitigate the impact, and forming the best protection for the athlete’s knee, ankle, back and cervical spine joints. Reduce the impact of athletes’ joints, delay muscle fatigue and aging, and avoid unexpected shock injuries.
What is even more rare is that it does not look as soft as imagined without impact, but has the good elasticity and support that a professional floor should have. A heavy and huge basketball rack is placed on it without It will cause the slightest deformation, and the ball’s rebound support also meets the requirements of professional competitions, rather than feeling the lack of elasticity like plastic materials. And all this was done before, only professional wooden floors can be achieved, of course, through the extremely complex keel structure, and extremely strict installation procedures to ensure.

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