Basketball Court Size Details

Detailed explanation of basketball court size

The basketball court is a solid rectangular surface without obstacles. The standard basketball court is 28m in length and 15m in width, the height of the ceiling or the lowest obstacle should be 7m at least. Today, Hebei Dongxing take you to learn more about the standard size of the basketball court.

Standard size of the basketball court

basketball court floor 1


1. Width: 0.05 meters (5 cm).

2. Boundary: The boundary of the court should be away from spectators, billboards or any other obstacles 2 meters at least. The long side called sideline, and the short side called end line.

3. Midline: Draw a line from the sideline midpoint and parallel to the end line  called midline; the midline should extend 0.15 meters (15 cm) away from the both sides’ sidelines.

4. Three-point line: 6.75m.

5. Free throw line: Parallel to the end line, its outer edge is 5.80 meters away from the inner edge of the end line, 3.6 meters long. Its midpoint should on the imaginary line which connecting the midpoints of the two end lines.

Restricted area

Draw two lines from both ends of the free throw line to 2.45 meters away from the midpoint of the end line (both measured from the outer edge) to form the ground area is the restricted area. If coloring the inside restricted area, the color should be the same with the inside middle circle’s color.

Penalty area

The penalty area is a restricted area plus a semicircle area drawn toward the restricted area with the center point of the free throw line as the center and a radius of 1.80 meters. The semicircle in the restricted area should be drawn as a dotted line.

Both sides of the penalty area used for free throws. Illustration below:

1. The first line is 1.75 meters away from the inner edge of the end line, measured along the sides of the penalty area.

2. The width of the first position area is 0.85 meters (85 centimeters), connected to the beginning of the neutral area.

3. The width of the neutral area is 0.40 meters (40 cm), same color with other lines.

4. The second location area is adjacent to the neutral area, width is 0.85 meters (85 cm).

5. The third location area is adjacent to the second location area, width is 0.85 meters (85 cm), too.

6. All the lines to draw the areas are 0.10 meters (10 centimeters) long, perpendicular to the outside of the penalty area.

Three-second area

The area is: 5.8m * 4.9m

Central District

The middle circle is in the center of the court with a radius of 1.80 meters, measured from the outer edge of the circle. If coloring inside the middle circle, same with the inside restricted area.

basketball court floor 2 basketball court floor 3

3-point shooting area

1. Respectively 0.90 meters from the side line, draw two parallel lines from the end line;

2. Arc with radius of 6.75 meters (measured to the outer edge of the arc) intersects with two parallel lines (length is 2.99 meters);

3. The center of the arc at the intersection of the center vertical line of the opponent’s basket and the ground. The distance from the center of the circle to the midpoint of the end line is 1.575 meters. Note: If the stadium width is less than 15 meters, the arc still drawn according to the above radius of 6.75 meters.

Reasonable collision zone

Draw a semi-circular arc with a radius of 1.25m from the basket drop center.

Basketball court case show

basketball court floor

basketball court

basketball court flooring



Post time: May-06-2020