Interior PVC Flooring for Cars

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Product name: Car Flooring

PVC and Vinyl Interior Flooring for Car and Truck

Thickness: 2.0mm-10.0mm

Width: 1.8m

Length: Customized

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car floor

car floor 3The car flooring can protect the car very well and can play the role of sound insulation, dustproof, waterproof, flame retardant anti-sharp device, anti-wear, and comprehensively protect the bottom of the car. At the same time, it makes our cars easier to clean and reduce the the noise, reduces the pollution in the car.

The use of car floors can also play a role in fuel saving, if only a thin layer of steel plate at the bottom of the car transfers heat or cools faster, increasing the energy consumption of car air conditioners. After laying the car floor, the effect of heat insulation or cold insulation in the car is significant, and the temperature is lowered or heated quickly. The car floor has certain protection for the fur cushion, the edge is not easy to get into the ash, and it can also protect the under the driver’s seat.

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