Flooring Sports Indoor and Outdoor Golf Pattern

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Product name: Golf Pattern

Factory Handball Court Flooring, PVC Sports Floor.




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Usage: multi-use badminton, basketball, table tennis,tennis, volleyball, fustal, handball court, play training and events.


1.The surface layer is a water-based material, recognized as a healthy and environmental protection material.

2.Taking the latest national limit of harmful substances as the test standard, the wear layer is a single component pvc, which absorbs and solidifies water, and will not leave harmful chemical components

3.It effectively reduces the shock to the joints and ankles, protecting players from sports injury.

4.Reliable stability and security to endure high impact force in high traffic cardio areas and weight rooms.suitable for the sport movement .

5.Remove dirt, salt and moisture to protect interior surfaces and decrease the potential for slips and falls.

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